When someone close dies, it is often a difficult time as we want to farewell them with respect and dignity whilst, at the same time we are struggling with the grief of our loss. Just as we celebrate births and weddings, so should the end of a life be celebrated with warmth, dignity, gratitude and at times, humour. Everyone’s life deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated in a manner that suits their approach to life itself.

With farewell ceremonies full of love, families and friends gather to celebrate a life lived (no matter how long or short it was), to recognize the achievements they have made throughout their life and the impact on others. Regardless of the age of the deceased or the manner of their death, as an experienced funeral celebrant, I support my families to say goodbye with compassion, warmth and dignity through a personalised ceremony.

Like weddings, there are many options available to you to arrange a farewell ceremony. It can be traditional or contemporary, sombre or lots of fun – the only vital element is that the ceremony truly reflects the person you loved dearly and that as your funeral celebrant, I have made the process easier.

Having delivered over 500 funerals and / or memorials, I have a great working relationship with many funeral directors in the different funeral homes. As an independent funeral celebrant, I can also recommend Funeral Directors whose professionalism and care to families I admire.

Having worked as a Funeral Director, I have a greater understanding of the funeral industry then most celebrants. You can book me directly as your chosen funeral celebrant, or a Funeral Director can book me on your behalf.



Traditional funerals are usually organized through a funeral home company. Depending on whether there is to be a cremation or burial, a traditional ceremony can be in a chapel, by the graveside or an extended service of a chapel plus a graveside ceremony. Funeral directors often book a celebrant they trust on your behalf but you can choose your own celebrant.

Most traditional ceremonies have a similar structure of music and/ or a DVD presentation of photographic memories, poems or prayers plus tributes from family and friends. You can include other elements such as releasing balloons or doves that will provide meaning to the ceremony.


Memorial ceremonies are increasing as families seek alternatives to the traditional funeral. Memorials allow for more flexibility, time and involvement in saying goodbye as the deceased’s body is not present. Choices for the ceremony location or timing are varied e.g. in a park, by a beach, in the family home, on a weekend, early morning or at sunset with a candle light vigil. Choices are based on the significance to the family or their loved one thus giving a more unique, meaningful, relaxed atmosphere compared to a funeral.


Why wait till your loved one with a terminal illness passes away to say how much you love them? At a Living Wake, family and friends express their love, Remember shared moments and what they have meant to them personally BEFORE they pass away.


A touching ceremony designed to acknowledge the final farewell by scattering their Ashes in a place relevant to your loved one. can be included within a Memorial ceremony or much later after a Funeral.


We plan the celebration of weddings and special birthday but when it comes to the last celebration in our life, we leave it up to our families. Why not think about how you would like to be farewelled before you die?

What would you like- your favourite car there, release balloons, everyone dressed in your favourite colour or in fancy dress, a champagne toast, a fireworks display? The choice is yours!

Leaving your family plans for your farewell will ease the anxiety when the time comes for them to make the final arrangements.