From Numbers To Words as a Celebrant

November 9, 2015 /

Well, it has been an amazing journey as I transformed from a Maths teacher to become a Marriage and Funeral Celebrant, a career that was so far removed from my usual job of teaching mathematics and managing staff. As much as I loved being a teacher, I have never regretted […]

Celebrations of Life -Kerrie Hayes Celebrant

Let’s talk About the ‘F’ Word- Funerals and Memorials

July 25, 2015 /

No, I don’t mean that four letter that is used freely by many people. Nor do I mean the other four letter that we all love, food. The word I want to talk about has ‘fun’ in it but many people don’t think of this word as fun. So, what […]


Why have a Funeral Service?

May 28, 2015 /

I know losing someone can be an extremely sad time to deal with as it causes so many feelings such as sorrow, loss, regret and grief. All of which can be overwhelming. Arranging a funeral service can seem like a daunting process but there are many people to help you. All […]