Why have a Funeral Service?

Why have a Funeral Service?

May 28, 2015 Funerals

I know losing someone can be an extremely sad time to deal with as it causes so many feelings such as sorrow, loss, regret and grief. All of which can be overwhelming. Arranging a funeral service can seem like a daunting process but there are many people to help you. All you have to do is ask for help.

So why not celebrate the end of a person’s life?

We celebrate births, weddings and significant birthdays and the end of our life is just another event that should be celebrated. The person who has died has loved and meant something to their family and friends. They deserve to be remembered, honoured and thanked for the person they were. A Funeral Service is a chance to remember and celebrate their life as well as the contribution they have made to their family and friends. Remember that the funeral service is not just about the deceased but it also for you, their family and friends, to come together to remember them.

Saying goodbye through a funeral service can help with the grieving process as it allows you to acknowledge what they have meant to you and the memories of them. Whilst no longer present in a physical sense, your loved one will live on through your memories, particularly as you look back through your own lives.

Remember that funeral services and memorials bring family and friends together to reconnect and share their stories. It is does not have to be a sombre occasion. It can be full of fun, humour, stories and music. What is important is that the funeral service should reflect the absolute essence of your loved one!

Don’t be afraid. Funeral services are emotional but they can also be full of lots of love, friendship and fun.